Houston Family Portraits: The Ritter Family

Hi there, Readers! Sorry it’s been awhile! I’ve been kept pretty busy this past month. May always seems to be busy, no matter what age, job, or place you’re in. Here in Houston we are holding on to our last few days of spring before it gets hot. Luckily for me and the Ritter family we got a great day this past Saturday to do shoot a family session!

Tiffany (mom) contacted me over a month ago to set up a session for her family. Her son Liam is 10 months old this month, and her family has a tradition of doing professional portraits of their babies at 10 months old dating back to Tiffany’s Grandmother! After hearing that, I definitely wanted to be a part of this special shoot. I booked some studio time at Select Studios (where I work as a retoucher and designer during the week) so I could recreate the look of her family photo, and we were able to shoot there as well as outside.

Liam is such a wonderful baby to photograph! He had smiles as big as Tiffany and Troy’s (dad) for the whole session and we even got him to dance a little bit. He’s definitely a mover and I really enjoyed his energy (and am a little envious of it too!). Here’s a peek at their family session.

Aren’t they lovely? It’s going to take a little work to make Liam’s portrait look like the rest of his family’s baby portraits. It’s going to be look aged and have a painted feel to it. Once I get one to match, maybe I’ll post it! Until next time, Have a great week!